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A Month With Vim: Introduction

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For years, I coded in Perl, PHP, and Java using Pico/Nano. I was pretty damn productive in those days, but simple refactoring was tedious and time consuming. When I shifted to Ruby, I started using TextMate, and eventually Sublime Text. Both provided huge improvements to my programming happiness and overall productivity. Fast forward 5-6 years and now, I consider myself a fairly advanced Sublime Text user. I know the majority of the shortcuts, leverage plenty of plugins, and can move around with ease. I don’t NEED it — I could still go back to Nano, if necessary — but it has certainly made me a better programmer.

Lately, the Vim community has been conspiring against me. Everywhere I turn, there’s another developer I respect gushing over Vim. I see daily references to it in screencasts, conference talks, and blog posts. What’s all the hype about? Will keeping my fingers on the home row, pecking at a new key combinations, provide me similar productivity gains to my Nano –> SublimeText shift?

It’s time to find out.

Vim has a steep enough learning curve that it’s impossible to do a fair assessment in a week, so I’ve decided to commit myself to it, as my only text editor, for the month of July. I’m documenting the experience for others who are starting at zero.

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