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Cheap Whiteboards

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I went three weeks in the new office without a whiteboard before I completely lost my mind. The thing is, large whiteboards are expensive (for a 2 month old startup). $50 for 4x3 feet. $150 for 6x4 feet! I looked at which has paint on whiteboards, but that required lots of prep work, multiple coats, and fumigating the office for a few days. I also looked at’s stick-on whiteboards, but after waiting two weeks for a sample and not hearing a word from them, I moved on. I ended up googling “cheap whiteboard” out of frustration and found a DIY project. The important part of that project was that it described a cheap whiteboard material that could be found at a Lowes or Home Depot. So, I went to my local Lowes and picked up four of these. They fit easily in my sedan and were light enough to carry by myself. I also picked up four packs of Scotch Heavy Duty Fasteners. I knew that I’d be resting the whiteboards on the ledge in my office, so I figured those would be suitable. They’d also give me the chance to reposition or replace panels easily.  I spent $50 total and now have a wall of whiteboards and my sanity back.